Healthy VEGAN pancakes

These healthy vegan pancakes are perfect for anyone trying to keep healthy but still want a delicious treat. They are also vegan, so prefect for anyone not eating dairy. Read more

Healthy triple chocolate cookies

These triple chocolate cookies are fudgey and rich yet still remain beautifully soft and gooey. The ultimate chocolate cookie, and will have everyone running back for more, so why not make them? Read more

Healthy chocolate mug cake

This chocolate mug cake is the ultimate way to get a quick burst of chocolate in under 10 minutes. Fudgy and gooey without any refined sugar, eggs or processed flour.  Read more

Healthy cookies for 2 people

Simple, quick and easy these healthy cookies really do have it all. The best thing about them, this recipe only makes two ! So when you get those cookie cravings but don’t feel like making a whole batch, this recipe is for you.  Read more

Healthy lemon and poppyseed muffins

These healthy lemon and poppyseed muffins are full of tang and zest but still remain a beautiful sweet and soft. Lets also not forget the fact that they are a healthy alternative to your normal muffins, That means you can enjoy eating a few without feeling terrible! Read more

Healthy oat and banana blender pancakes

These healthy oat and banana blender pancakes are so simple, you just chuck all the ingredients into the blender! What could be easier? But that is not to say they are not delicious, because believe me, they are! Most importantly they also taste amazing!  Read more